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OPINION: Snow Storms bring out Crazy Drivers | People

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OPINION: Snow Storms bring out Crazy Drivers
OPINION: Snow Storms bring out Crazy Drivers

We have crazy people out there today!!!!

Why is it that so many people just do not seem to think ahead, especially when the first snow storm arrives, like the one in progress right now as I am writing?

Driving to work today was quite an eye opener. I saw so many people stuck in the end of driveways at both homes and businesses. People who just plain refuse to clean their vehicles off just make driving so hazardous for both the driver and the people following behind them with all that extra snow blowing backward. One driver pulled out of a street half way up a hill on Bristol NW, expecting to travel up the rest of the way, only to get stuck in the middle of the hill, causing a backup of cars. Are these people who have never driven in snow before?

The rule of thumb is, you clean your vehicle off if it has been out in the weather, you leave for your destination earlier than usual, you are aware of other vehicles around you, and you drive at a reasonable speed for the conditions and above all, try to be courteous to other drivers whenever possible. That way everyone arrives safe and sound, saving lives, saving the cost of calling a tow truck and saving law enforcement another stop and report.

Be courteous and drive safe.