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Free Testing for Concussions In Children | Health

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Free Testing for Concussions In Children
Free Testing for Concussions In Children

Unaddressed concussions can have a devastating effect on a child’s life. Many silent concussions that are not obvious go unreported, sometime with deadly results.

Whether the concussion comes from a head injury, fall, or the sudden impact of acceleration or deceleration force, it can occur without being immediately recognized and can lead to long-term complications.

Because of this, some businesses, in conjunction with Vision Help Concussion Project, are offering a free baseline concussion testing with the King-Devick Test during September. This test is a safe, fast and reliable method to detect a dysfunction in micro-eye movements associated with concussions. Appointments are limited so please call ahead.

The following businesses are participating:

Meijer Optical, 5531 28th St. SE – 616-575-6647

Pearle Vision, 4284 Plainfield NE – Sept 17th – 616-364-6228

Fowle Eyecare Associates, 120 Marcell Dr. NE – 616-866-0140

Ryskamp Eyecare, at Costco, 4901 Wilson Ave SW – Sept 23 & 30 – 616-406-2653