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Man sentenced for selling counterfeit razorblades at Meijer Stores

A Florida man will spend 30 months in prison for trying to sell counterfeit razorblades at Meijer Stores.

As part of his punishment, 56-year-old Jeffrey Steven Telsey also faces three years of probation and must pay $400,506.17 in restitution, as well as a $25,000 fine.  

In January 2008, Homeland Security Investigations was notified that counterfeit Gillette Mach3 razor refills were being distributed through Meijer Stores.  Homeland Security began buying up the counterfeit razorblades from Telsey, who operated JCA Enterprises.  At the same time, Meijer Stores issued a company-wide recall for the counterfeit blades.

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State pulls licenses of convicted Grand Rapids podiatrist

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.--  The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has suspended the licenses of a Grand Rapids podiatrist, convicted of health care fraud.

Anthony Kirk was found guilty of one felony count of health care fraud on April 4.  As part of his punishment, he will spend six months in prison.  Kirk also faces a year probation and must pay $80,210 in fines, restitution and court costs. 

On May 21, LARA suspended Kirk’s licenses, as required by the Public Health Code.

Kirk operated out of an office at 2050 Breton Rd. SE in Grand Rapids.

School is just starting for local MSP trooper recruits

School is just starting for local MSP trooper recruits

The school year is wrapping up for many people, but it’s just beginning for dozens prospective Michigan State Police troopers.

Sunday, May 12, 80 men and women from across the state began the 125th Trooper Recruit School.  For the next 21 weeks, MSP members and academy staff will train the recruits in firearms, water safety, defensive tactics, patrol techniques, report writing, ethics, first aid, criminal law, crime scene processing and precision driving.  Recruits who successfully complete the training will graduate October 4.

Michigan State Police selected recruits from more than 3,000 potential candidates.

GR SE Community Meeting On Friday Wants Curb Violence


Community Organization Meeting

Encouraging, Collaboration, Spurring Dialogue, Facilitating Change.


STOP IT Meeting

Friday, January 18, 2013 at 8am

Messiah Missionary Baptist Church

513 Henry Avenue S.E., Grand Rapids, MI.


Please –for this Community Meeting, we are asking for the following to attend:

  • Organizations that are currently working on solutions to curb violence in the community
  • Individuals who have ideas and are working with community groups and organizations on executing viabl

Suburban Vandals Arrested

Suburban Vandals Arrested

East Hills Council of Neighbors wishes everyone a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. In the spirit of justice, we wanted to provide our residents with a quick crime update concerning recent tagging and vandalism that has run rampant on Wealthy Street and beyond, within the last month.

We are happy to announce that these suburban vandals have been apprehended. Three young men were arrested on 5-8-2012 at 3:53am for meddling and tampering with property (graffiti) near 131 and Wealthy Street. Tyler Melinn & Andrew Lohman were arrested and the third was released. They had lots of spray paint cans with them but dropped them and ran when the police showed up. Their graffiti has shown up in Eastown, Heritage Hill, and East Hills and on buildings that other taggers did not usually violate because they were clearly well cared for and not abandoned. These young men were indiscriminate with their spray paint and did harm to our image as safe and friendly neighborhoods.

GPNA - How to report graffiti

GPNA - How to report graffiti

From the Garfield ark Neighborhood Association Facebook page:

If you ride around our area, you may see evidence of an increase in graffiti vandalism on private property, City property and businesses. Please take it upon yourself to assist in the removal of all of this type of mischief in our neighborhood.

Call 456-3666. This is the City of Grand Rapid’s 24 hour Graffiti Hotline. Provide as much information as possible (i.e. address, type of structure (wood, cement or brick), color of paint needed to cover graffiti.

Another option is to call the office that addresses graffiti within the City at 456-3232.

City of Grand Rapids implements Better Government Tip Line

City of Grand Rapids implements Better Government Tip Line

Tuesday morning, Donijo De Jonge, the City Comptroller, unveiled the Better Government Tip Line. This line is a hotline where employees, residents, contractors, and vendors can anonymously call and report tips of fraud, waste, and abuse as well as suggest efficiencies for departments.

Comptroller Donijo De Jonge says "according to statistics, 46 percent of all fraud, waste, and abuse is detected through hotline tips. Therefore, a tip line is a necessity and in today's environment of accountability and transparency, a tip line is a must!"

DeJonge wants to know if you have witnessed any fraudulent or wasteful activities by employees, contractors, or vendors. If so, she encourages residents and employees to please use the anonymous tip line to report these tips.