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The All New “Retro” Shasta Airflyte Arrives at TerryTown RV Superstore | Business

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The All New “Retro” Shasta Airflyte Arrives at TerryTown RV Superstore
The All New “Retro” Shasta Airflyte Arrives at TerryTown RV Superstore

The introduction of an ordinary new travel trailer model, while a big deal to RV enthusiasts, usually wouldn’t be considered newsworthy. But then, the 2015 Shasta Airflyte “Reissue” is no ordinary new travel trailer. The Airflyte is a brand-new faithful reproduction of Shasta’s 1961 design, from the birch-paneled interior with lantern-style LED light fixture to the distinctive canned-ham exterior profile right down to the wide whitewall tires. TerryTown RV Superstore, located on Division Avenue south of 68th Street, is proud to announce the arrival of the first models and welcomes customers to travel back in time as they travel the country.

Visitors to TerryTown’s showroom can’t walk by the Airflyte without poking their heads in the door. The trailer has been the subject of considerable Facebook buzz. “Fully one-third of TerryTown’s Airflyte allocation was sold before the first model arrived this week, and I expect the pace of sales to increase now that people can see the trailer for themselves,” said Matt Kortman, TerryTown’s inventory manager. “People shouldn’t wait until spring to buy because these trailers will be very hard to find.” According to Kortman, the new Airflyte is priced well below a restored original Airflyte in mint condition: “Suggested retail price for the 16 footer is just over $17,000, while I’ve seen restorations priced at $25,000 and above.”

The Airflyte will be available in two lengths, 16 and 19 feet long, with a choice of three exterior colors: Matador Red, Buttercream Yellow, and Seafoam Green. Interior upholstery in period-correct vinyl matches the selected exterior color. Mill-finish jalousie windows and Shasta’s signature wings had to be retooled from scratch before production could begin. Shasta worked to deliver authenticity in every detail but made a few concessions to modern demands: a microwave oven, 3-way refrigerator, on-board lavatory, LED lighting, and a cleverly disguised air conditioner.

Shasta will build a limited run of 1,941 Airflytes as a nod to the company’s founding in 1941. Production will wrap up by the end of the first quarter in 2015.