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My First Visit to the Blue Dog Tavern | Business

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My First Visit to the Blue Dog Tavern
My First Visit to the Blue Dog Tavern

Last Saturday I had the opportunity to visit the Blue Dog Tavern, formerly the Kopper Top Bar, for the first time. The tavern is located on the corner of Stocking & 4th St. NW in Grand Rapids, MI.

What a change from the former bar. I never knew there were windows on the side of the building but now those have been opened up to let the outside in. It is so wide open and inviting. The barback is especially neat; it looks like metal but I was told it is wood. Tables have receipts under glass from way back when, from years of 1936 on up, that the waitresses actually wrote out for customers orders. These were found when the new owner/owners started cleaning out the upper floor in the building.

We had Taylor, a great waitress, taking care of us. We had a table of 7 just in for a drink and snacks on our way to a wedding reception in the middle of the afternoon Saturday and I was surprised to see the number of people there. I did not get a chance to scour the menu but my son Paul decided we needed a snack and ordered of all things, 2 bowls of tater tots! I was shocked; haven't seen those since my kids were little.

One bowl of tater tots was coated with melted cheese, fresh crispy bacon pieces and jalapeno pepper slices. The other was coated with blue cheese crumbles. Both were hot and delicious. I never would have guessed. I understand from others that the menu is mainly bar fare but very good. I have noticed a daily special on a sandwich board outside on days when I have driven by, so stop by and check it out.