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Honored Observer

Ludington, MI (WZZM) - Observations are vital to meteorologists.  Modern technology has turned to automated reporting of weather conditions which makes the occasional personal touch of a live report that much better.

Richard Hamilton who's been observing the weather in Ludington for the last 45 years has a record of every month dating back to the 60s!

Brandon Hoving, Observing Program Leader at the National Weather Service in Grand Rapids said, "Having a human observer adds a more personal touch to the weather observation, a set of eyes on the readings to check for quality and we typically see more consistent, accurate measurements from human observers."

"By contributing to our knowledge and understanding of the local, national and global climate.  Your observations over the last 45 years prove your deep level of commitment to public service," read Hamilton.  He's received many awards over the years and he says he appreciates the acknowledgement but it feels more like part of his routine than an extra chore.

If you're interested in being a weather observer for the Grand Rapids National Weather Service, they are looking for help especially in Allegan, Barry and Eaton counties.

You may call the office at 616.949.0643 or email them at w-grr.webmaster@noaa.gov.