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G-Sync: The Buzz on DCGR | News

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G-Sync: The Buzz on DCGR
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G-Sync: The Buzz on DCGR

By Tommy Allen, Lifestyle Editor

Earlier this summer, I was invited to a fundraiser at The Pyramid Scheme to say a few words and then introduce a local musical act. It was all pretty standard fare, to be honest, so with my notes ready, I headed to the stage.

As I stood next to the band members tweaking their instruments, I surveyed the crowd. According to the fire marshal’s sign on the door, the room had a capacity of 420 and it appeared pretty full. As I attempted to focus on the room, I saw the faces beyond the stage lights.

I realized something quickly -- something I had never witnessed before. Quickly casting off my prepared speech, I looked up and then outward before delivering, “What’s up, Grand Rapids!?!” in my best call-to-attention voice.

“This is a unique period in your history because you are attempting to solve a problem with a solution that will not only make a difference in our community members’ lives,” I said, pausing to take a deep breath, “but you are saving the city money while creating the city you want to live in. It is a beautiful thing. This city belongs to you, too.”

The cause celeb was unlike any I had seen before as members of Decriminalize Grand Rapids, a...


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