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Cemetery project will help locate misplaced bodies | News

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Cemetery project will help locate misplaced bodies

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) A busy day for volunteers at Saint Andrews Cemetery this morning in Grand Rapids as they try to determine how much space remains at the 150 year old graveyard.

With the help of a local company, volunteers used radar equipment to scan the ground to see which plots remain empty.
The project started after a local woman discovered 220 head stones had been accidentally buried.  Now the diocese is trying to figure out if the cemetery's remaining 85 plots are actually empty.

Todd Munger is from, Materials Testing Consultants, the company that provided the radar equipment.  He explains how it works, "Basically what that equipment does is it shoots down radar waves into the ground and when those waves encounter something different than the soil around it, they reflect off of it, come back to the antenna and the computer can kind of make sense of that and tell you where things are located."

Volunteers will mark scanned areas and note them in the cemetery's records to ensure no remains are accidentally dug up.  The project is being paid for by a Catholic parishioner in Grand Rapids.