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Protestors picket Grand Rapids grocery | News

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Protestors picket Grand Rapids grocery

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) - Protesters in front of Fannie's Corner Market on Eastern Avenue in Grand Rapids say they will continue their demonstration until one of two things happen: Fannies closes and goes out of business, or the store owner and staff start treating customers with respect.

Customers say they have always had to endure high prices and poor service at the store, but when a woman was hit by an employee while trying to return some pizza last month, they say that was the last straw.

"For years this has been going on here," said protester Ladonna Norman. "They have gotten accustomed to mistreating us and we have gotten accustomed to accepting it and we are not going to tolerate it anymore."

"There is so much abuse people will put up with," explained Reverend Ruben Richardson. "They don't want them out of the community they want them to treat the people in the community a lot better. In other words, respect."

Fannie's owner Ken Singh says he fired the employee involved in the altercation with the dissatisfied customer. He also says he's apologized to the woman, offered to pay her medical expenses and lost wages.

Singh also says he would hire employees from the surrounding neighborhood if he could find qualified applicants who are interested.

Grand Rapids police say a detective is investigating the alleged assault on the store customer.