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Cat's rescue from tree leads to several more rescues | News

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Cat's rescue from tree leads to several more rescues

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- A cat rescued from a tree back in June has led to several more being rescued from a Grand Rapids neighborhood.

"We started to seeing a lot of stray cats walking around in the neighborhood," said Emily. Some of them were feral, while others were friendly and potentially adoptable. "We noticed a mom and nine kittens living down the street. The man was allowing them to live there, but he wasn't the owner."

Emily and her friend Kim Grant gathered up as many of the stray cats as they could find. They started a cat rescue, called the Fair Street Project.

"We worked out a partnership with Cascade Animal Hospital to oversee their adoption program. So, the cats are there, which is great," said Kim.

So far, 15 cats have been spayed and neutered, thanks to a low-cost program called C-Snip. Seven of the cats and kittens have been adopted. The feral ones are fixed and released back into the neighborhood.

"That's their most comfortable place to be. They know the area, so we let them go back and live their lives and not make any more babies," said Emily.

As for Mini, the cat in the tree -- she was eventually removed and adopted. Now, thanks to Emily and Kim, many of the other stray cats on Fair Street will also find homes.

"It's just a matter of seeing a problem and instead of not acting, we're doing something about it," they said.

The Fair Street Project is privately funded through donations. If you would like to donate or look at the cats currently up for adoption, go to their GoFundMe page at this link or the Fair Street Project's Facebook page at this link. The petfinder website is here.