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Attack with a crutch caught on camera | News

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Attack with a crutch caught on camera

Grand Rapids, MI (WZZM) - When he couldn't stop a man using a crutch to beat another man he'd knocked to the sidewalk, Wilford Dale got out his phone and started taking video.

says he wanted evidence of the attack.

"I need to video this just in case it gets worse," he says he told himself.

Dale was walking near Franklin Street and Division Avenue last Sunday evening when he saw a man down and the sidewalk and another man beating him with a crutch.

"I felt real bad for the guy because he was down on the concrete, right down on the sidewalk," says Dale.

The attacker was demanding money.

"He said the person he was beating owed him $5.00," recalls Dale.

Other pedestrians joined in to stop the beating.

By the time police arrived the fight was over.

Police identified the individuals as homeless. The man who was beaten said he wasn
t seriously injured.

e said it isn't that bad because he was in the service and he get shot a couple times and this ain't nothing," explains Dale.

Neither of the men were arrested.

"He went that way and the other guy went that way," says Dale, pointing in opposite directions.

His video of the attack is posted on his Facebook page.