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Opinion: This is the Way I see It-Government Cell Phones | News

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Opinion: This is the Way I see It-Government Cell Phones
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Opinion: This is the Way I see It-Government Cell Phones

Free Cell Phones; what will the next giveaway be?

I, along with a lot of other people, often wonder why the government ever decided to give away free phones to people. I can’t even begin to imagine the cost that is shared by every working person in the United State of America.

I see people who are covered with tattoos, smoking cigarettes, buying beer & booze and have a nice vehicle with these phones and wonder, if they can afford all these things, why can’t they afford a phone? Don’t they have family members that can be of help to them? Family are supposed to help their own.

I grew up in a large family who took care of themselves. We didn’t have a phone in our home until it was almost time for me to graduate from high school but we all seemed to survive. If it was something really important, we had a neighbor who was gracious enough to let us use their phone but that was rare.

We grew up writing appointments and events down so we did not have to make several calls to find out when & where we should be. We knew when we were expected to be there.

Someone just said to me today, what’s the next freebie after the phones, maybe a TV? I replied, no, I think maybe laptops or tablets!

We have help centers where people give up their old phones so recipients can call 911 in the event of an emergency, if they keep the phone charged. These phones should be adequate for needs of people who cannot afford a phone or in some cases, just know how to scam and get a free phone.

We are becoming a society of enablers, making the weak weaker and opening the doors for more and more people to take advantage of a situation that started out being a good gesture but now has turned into just a free giveaway.

Working people out there have to start asking the candidates running for political offices, when will enough be enough?

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