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Innocent victim & suspect killed in restaurant robbery | News

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Innocent victim & suspect killed in restaurant robbery

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- An attempted robbery on South Division Ave. turned deadly early Thursday morning when police say the victim pulled a gun and shot the robber. More gunfire then followed killing another man.

Domnick Floyd, 23, is said to be an innocent victim in the shooting at New York Fried Chicken at South Division and Franklin Street. His father, David, says he was notified of his son's death soon after it happened. "It was really hard for me to believe, just hit me really hard."

Floyd says Domnick had gone to a concert and afterward, he and some friends stopped for food. That's when Grand Rapids Police say Delorian Taylor, 20, robbed Domnick's friend outside of the restaurant.

According to a police report, Taylor's 20th birthday was Wednesday.

Some of the crime was caught on the surveillance cameras. "We watched the video, there were no arguments, no fights. It was clear it was a robbery, there's no doubt about that," said Lt. Pat Merrill.

When Domnick's friend, who has a concealed weapons permit, was robbed, he shot and killed Taylor. Moments after the first shooting, someone from the other side of the parking lot, likely a friend of the Taylor, shot Domnick.

"My son was a good guy, 23-years-old, soft spoken, good hearted. He'd give you the shoes off his feet," said Floyd.

"He had absolutely nothing to do with it, he's accounted for in every phase," said Lt. Merrill.

In the end, there were several shots fired. Police say Domnick's friend, turned his gun over to police. The second shooter has not been arrested.

Domnick's dad says all of it is sad because two young men lost their lives. "I'm so tired of seeing African American men senselessly murdering one another, for what? It doesn't make any sense."