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Billboard aims to keep 2008 homicide from going cold | News

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Billboard aims to keep 2008 homicide from going cold

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) - In an effort sponsored in-part by out parent company, Gannett, Grand Rapids Police are posting billboards in high-traffic areas hoping to get a few more tips to solve murder cases before they turn cold.

One of these billboards displays the face of 17-year-old Khiry Walker, who was fatally shot on the city's south side almost five years ago.

On a November night in 2008, Walker's family discovered his body laying face-down in Martin Luther King Park. "I heard three shots. We were all over there with him, we stayed with him," said Walker's relative, Jeannette Cohen in a 2008 interview.

Walker's family went public to generate more tips for police. Today there is still no one serving time for his murder, but police haven't given up.

"We've had names come up, who we may think have some involvement, but we're still looking for that one piece of evidence to link them directly to it," said Det. Matt Kubiak.

One more phone call could lead to an arrest and keep this case from going cold. Police hope by placing a billboard featuring Walker's smiling face near the crime scene, they'll finally get that tip.

"We believe someone saw this happen, and that's what we're going to need to get (somewhere) with this and get some justice for Khiry and his family," said Det. Matt Kubiak.

Some information that would help: if you know anyone who was at, or near, the scene of the murder, even just as a spectator.

"We strongly believe there were witnesses in the park when this happened who either left before the officers arrived, or just chose not to cooperate with us."

Itching to finally solve this case, Det. Kubiak hopes the next time he's on the phone with Walker's mother, it will finally be to tell her a murderer has been captured, and she can finally have some peace.