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Inside Market Hall: Miss Maddie's | Business

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Inside Market Hall: Miss Maddie's
Inside Market Hall: Miss Maddie's

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.—A family of entrepreneurs is showcasing its culinary skills in the newly opened Market Hall.

 Lindsey Shaw and Amanda Sheehan teamed up with their mother, Gail Schoenborn, to open Miss Maddie’s.  The business is named after Sheehan’s daughter. 

“Family is critically important to us, and we wanted to create a new business that we could grow for our children,” said Shaw. “Our family has cooked together generation-to-generation and we are eager to bring the flavors of our home to the Downtown Market.”

Miss Maddie’s features gourmet pasta sauces, butters and deli salads created by the trio.  The women had cooked up their products at home for family for several years before deciding to move into Market Hall’s 5,000 square foot incubator kitchen.

“The Downtown Market is designed to be a supportive location for people just starting out and launching new experiments,” said Mimi Fritz, president and CEO of the Market. “The mixture of experienced artisans located directly next to entrepreneurs creates a community of support and an ecosystem for creating new products.”

Market Hall officially opened to the public September 2.