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Cat's rescue from tree leads to several more rescues

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- A cat rescued from a tree back in June has led to several more being rescued from a Grand Rapids neighborhood.

"We started to seeing a lot of stray cats walking around in the neighborhood," said Emily. Some of them were feral, while others were friendly and potentially adoptable. "We noticed a mom and nine kittens living down the street. The man was allowing them to live there, but he wasn't the owner."

Emily and her friend Kim Grant gathered up as many of the stray cats as they could find. They started a cat rescue, called the Fair Street Project.

"We worked out a partnership with Cascade Animal Hospital to oversee their adoption program. So, the cats are there, which is great," said Kim.

Downtown Market honored for Urban Excellence

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- The Downtown Market in Grand Rapids is celebrating a new honor. The market Thursday was presented with the Rudy Bruner Award for Urban Excellence Silver Medal.

The presentation took place inside the Downtown Market's greenhouse.

The award is given out every other year to urban places known for they quality design, along with social, economic and contextual contributions to the urban environment.

Grand Rapids, MI Pulaski Days in full swing this coming Weekend

Grand Rapids, MI Pulaski Days in full swing this coming Weekend

Pulaski Days in Grand Rapids, MI will kick off on Thursday evening, October 1st for some of the Polish Halls. Officially, this event kicks off about Noon, Friday, October 2nd  and goes through Sunday, October 4th.

There will lots of Polish food and dancing. A bussing schedule is available also for people traveling from hall to hall. I am attaching a schedule for all the halls along with a map. All the halls are open to the public for the weekend.

Enjoy a Polish Weekend in Grand Rapids!

Initiatives That Could Help Prevent Elder Fraud

Initiatives That Could Help Prevent Elder Fraud

Senior Citizens and their families lose $3 Billion a year to con artists. What can we do to stop them?

This is a statement on the cover of the latest Consumer Reports magazine. In a recent study, about 1 in 20 seniors said they were financially abused. If a new disease struck that many older Americans the report noted, a public health crisis would likely be declared.

Arrested party-goers file complaint with GRPD

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- Six of nine people arrested at a house party in Grand Rapids Saturday night have filed an official complaint with the Grand Rapids Police Department.  The group showed up at the police station on Monday morning to file a report with the internal affairs department. They say the GRPD used excessive force.

It happened in the 1900 block of Giddings Ave. SE just before 11 p.m. Saturday. Officers responded to complaints from neighbors about loud music, a light show, and a large bonfire. When officers arrived, they say there were more than 100 people there. They say the resident refused to turn down the music or ask anyone in attendance to leave.

Opinion: My take on Artprize so far this Year

Opinion: My take on Artprize so far this Year

My friend Pat & I went downtown for Artprize on opening day, Wednesday, September 23rd. Lots to see but we did not see anything that actually jumped out at us, like WOW! Have our expectations become too high because of all the awesome and unusual art displays we have seen in the past 6 years?

One picture did take us by surprise in the walkway from DeVos Place over to the Grand Plaza. It is a picture of a bridge, done in a brushed aluminum affect and it looks like you can actually step on it and cross over. So realistic that I actually got dizzy and a little on the nausea side, like it draws you in. Very unusual.

Pregnant woman describes devastating fire

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WZZM) -- A Grand Rapids woman is thankful for several firefighters for saving her dog from a fire.

s a story WZZM 13 News first told you about Wednesday. Destaniey Watson, 26, says she's glad her dog, Bella, is okay. Now, she's trying to rebuild her life after the fire. She's nine months pregnant with her first child. The day of the fire, she was at a doctor's appointment.

"Someone called me and said my house was on fire," Destaniey said. "They were kicking-in the door."